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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Hannah Kang. I created Om Yoga to be a platform to spread my love and knowledge of yoga with all you beautiful practicing and aspiring yogis in Detroit and beyond. I chose the name Om Yoga because OM  (ॐ) has such a profound and enriched meaning despite the simple sound it creates. ॐ sustains everything; the waking state, the dream state, the state of deep sleep, and the state of consciousness. Pronounced A-U-M when chanting, ‘a’ is the first sound you make with your mouth open. ‘U’ represents the sounds in between ‘a’ and ‘m’. ‘M’ is the sound you make when your mouth is closed. Lastly, followed by vibration at the end of the chant, you feel the OM sound permeating the whole body. Thus, Om represents the beginning, middle and the end of it all or the past, present and future.

Three words that I personally associate with yoga are: playfulness, challenge, and humility. Yoga offers a playful approach to challenge myself with difficult poses, and I am continually humbled every time I fall out of a pose, or reflect on how there is always room to grow. Yoga subtly but surely pulled me into its core when I recognized and fell in love with the dual aspect of it; bridging the gap between mind and the physical body. Yoga expands my horizons, helping me keep an open mind and be accepting to the limitations or any challenges I may face.

As my yoga teachers have done in my life, I hope to offer my students the same experience I enjoy about yoga and impart a sense of stillness and calmness to my students, bringing their inward focus to radiate outwardly. I offer a practice that is approachable, free of judgments, creating a warm and inviting environment for students to be themselves and immerse in their practice of Yoga. I'm thankful to be part of this lovely community and can't wait to share my practice with you.

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My journey as a Yoga instructor began In 2016. I obtained my 200hr RYT certificate training under Monica Breen at Be Nice Yoga, in Detroit, MI who has trained under renowned Yogi, Dharma Mittra. During my studies, I was introduced to many styles of Yoga and learned to teach Ashtanga based Vinyasa (different levels), Hatha, Vin Yin, Yin, and Restorative. After obtaining my 200hr RYT certificate under Yoga Alliance, I earned a certificate for 30 hours of Yin training under Joe Barnett, a senior student and primary teaching assistant of Paul Grilley, a founder of Yin Yoga. I continue to strive and enrich my studies by taking various workshops and visiting various studios during my travel to expose myself to various and effective teaching style, never ceasing to educate myself and keep on feeding my curiosity.

Other notable teachers I have studied under are Jason Crandell, Alexandria Crow, Kathryn Budig, and Doug Swenson.



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Detroit Yoga Lab in Midtown, located at 69 W. Forest Ave, Detroit, MI

Mondays Candlelight Slow Flow 8-9PM

Tuesdays Yin 6:45-7:45PM

Wednesdays Slow Flow 4:15-5:15PM

Live Cycle Delight Hot in West Village, located on 1468 Van Dyke St, Detroit, MI 48214

Wednesdays Hot Vinyasa 6:35-7:35PM

Thursdays Yin/Restorative 8:15-9:15PM



I am available for corporate yoga classes, established at your location. Classes can be taught to any size group. They can be tailored to specific needs including different style of classes, length of class, and time of day. Classes can include meditation and Pranayama (breathing exercises). For more info, contact me or initiate the booking process.. 



I offer private yoga for individuals/small groups. The class can be customized to include a routine of postures on the style clients prefer, meditation, and breathing techniques. Hand-on adjustments and modification of the poses with or without the use of props are offered for a deeper understanding of postures and to increase your range of motion. For more info, contact me or initiate the booking process.